A Free Tool That Lets You Follow Any RSS Feed via The Fediverse


I recently had a friend decide to leave social media for personal reasons. Because of this, he no longer posts links to his blog entries and I needed a better solution to keep up with him than using my RSS reader where I am always about 5,000 posts from being a completionist. There are also a few other bloggers who don't participate in social media, like Manuel Moreale, who publishes the outstanding People and Blogs newsletter. Since I have a Mastodon list of my must-read bloggers where I aim to read 100% of their output, I needed a way to get those blogs into my feed. I found just the tool I needed at Birb. All I had to do was compose a toot with the account name,, along with the RSS feed of a blog and the service automatically created a Mastodon account that I can follow, which will post a link to anything they blog about. Problem solved!

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I also found a free iOS app called WebWatch that will notify me of any changes in a static website. It's a backup way to keep up with bloggers who don't do social media.

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