Generational Labels are BS


I was born 52 days after the arbitrary end of the Baby Boom generation in February 1965, on the day Malcolm X was assassinated. This makes me one of the oldest members of Generation X. My life experience was certainly different than that of my parents (who are only 17 years older than me) and that of my Millennial children, but there are similarities too, just as there in generations going all the way back to birth of civilization. Joan Westenberg, one of my favorite commenters on life in the 21st century released a great edition of her newsletter yesterday where she posits that the labels we assign to generations are meaningless hogwash; that we use them to draw lines when we should be drawing similarities.

She says,

Consider the quintessential traits often attributed to every younger generation - regardless of the era. Idealism. Technological savvy. A desire to challenge the status quo. An anti-authority bent. Flip through the pages of history, and you'll find these same attributes ascribed to youth movements across the decades, even centuries.

She makes sense. Have a read. Subscribe to her newsletter.

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