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These days many of us have so much input, from multiple streaming subscriptions, multiple social media accounts, RSS feeds, browser bookmarks and more that the thought of voluntarily adding to it sounds crazy, but I'm telling you that you need to. There are a number of high quality, low frequency newsletters out there that won't do anything except expand your horizons and make your life better. One such newsletter is Werd IO, by Ben Werdmuller, the head of technology at the Pulitzer Prize winning Pro Publica. His 4th of July edition this year spells out the two Americas and explains his love for one of them. When we start to feel that America is becoming nothing more than gun loving 2nd Amendment fanatics and governors signing death warrants for likely innocent prisoners, Werdmuller reminds us that we still have the America of bell hooks and Noam Chomsky and AOC and Daniel Ellsberg, the radical, risk-taking America that "believes in the common good and social contacts". Take a minute and warm your heat and subscribe to Werd IO.

The America I love (


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