Unsplash, Royalty Free Photography

Arthur Edelman, photographer, took this picture of a man's hands holding a pro level camera

It's a fact that having a professional quality photograph on a blog post or web page is eye catching and increases the likelihood that you will get visitors to the site. When I have decent personal photographs to add context to a blog post, I use them. When I don't I turn to Unsplash for high-quality, royalty-free photographs using search terms like "hot cup of black coffee", "hunting lodge" or "angry old man". There are over 3 million photographs on Unsplash taken by over a quarter million photographers. If you are a photographer yourself, you can contribute to the Unsplash photo pool. I find the free images to be sufficient for my use but there is a paid tier for access to a larger selection. It costs $9 a month. Aside from the website, there is also an iOS app.

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