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Everyone I know, from my 77-year-old father to my four-year-old granddaughter watches YouTube. There are a surprising number of free tools available both online and to download to make for a better experience.

Serial.Tube is a free online RSS viewer for tracking YouTube subscriptions. It presents the videos in your feed against a distraction free plain white screen. You can import your existing subscriptions when you set up your free account and thereafter add new channels manually.

YouTube Transcripts is a free service that lets you paste in a YouTube URL to get a transcript you can copy and paste into a text document or follow along with as you watch.

YouTube Summaries provides you up to 20 summaries a day on videos under an hour long. There are paid plans for longer videos or for viewing more than 20 of them. It provides not only a summary but also an outline, a mind map, keywords and highlights.

FreeTube - FreeTube is a YouTube client (free download) for Windows (10 and later), Mac (macOS 10.15 and later), and Linux built around using YouTube more privately. You can enjoy your favorite content and creators without your habits being tracked. All of your user data is stored locally and never sent or published to the internet. FreeTube grabs data by scraping the information it needs (with either local methods or by optionally utilizing the Invidious API). With many features similar to YouTube, FreeTube has become one of the best methods to watch YouTube privately on desktop.

And one paid app - Play for iOS, macOS and tvOS - The best app for tracking video you want to watch. You can use it for channel subscriptions or to compile playlists of individual videos you want to watch using the share sheet on your phone or computer. It will even add a list of videos from a text file.

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