What the Web Looked Like in 1994

woodstock-1994-the-well-via-alex-pasternack The Well

I'm big on nostalgia. I'd rather remember that I was around for the birth of the Internet than remember that I was here when you could smoke in the hospital. Take a look at some of the first web pages for 14 famous institutions from the earliest days of the web, shown in browser windows from the era.

  1. Mosaic home page
  2. Woodstock 94 Music Festival
  4. Yahoo!
  5. Microsoft
  6. Pizza Hut
  7. 1994 Winter Olympics
  8. IBM
  9. Time Warner
  10. Global Network Navigator
  11. Fish cam
  12. Senator Ted Kennedy
  13. Wells Fargo
  14. The first robots.txt file

What the internet looked like in 1994, according to 15 webpages born that year - Fast Company


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